I Am

I Am (an original poem from 7 years ago)


Ponderings, wonderings

Your thoughts are never far from me

As Your waves progress on my digressing shores

Concaving my borders, pounding at the corners

Rearranging my understanding

Dismantalling my boundaries

Calmly You take my hand, and say

Be still, and know

I Am


I am the One who shielded you in the womb

when your father was angry,

your mother in emotional agony

I am the One who walked with you to school

with your nose in a book, thinkin’ no one understood

I had your back when kids taunted and teased

their narrow upbringing incurring judgemental thinking, diseased

like a virus it spreads from mouth to mouth

each one in turn, tearing you down, tearing you down

I am the One who held your broken soul

as your body trembled with tears, a grief untold…

anticipating, dreading the storm still to unfold

I was there as family bonds were being torn

when life was ripping at the seams

your heart shattered china on the floor

I was holding you together

woven safe inside of Me,

deeper still I weave

I am the One who perceives you intimately

designed you intentionally, takes delight in you multi-dimensionally

I am the One who can take the warped and fractured memories,

turning them into mosaic masterpieces, your pain now the centrepieces of beauty

in this saga of life, unpredictable and so shakable

I am the One who knows all your unasked questions yet still hopes you’ll ask

I am Truth and Revelation if you were only willing to be wrong and teachable in class

I am the Great Teacher, so gentle and wise, I won’t punish you for not knowing,

but I will gently emphasize the highlighted bits you need to believe,

in order to be free from deception, distorted thinking,

tinted lenses

faith the key, you keep refusin’ all the while banging on the door in confusion

I am the One itching to take off your glasses and give you a taste of clarity and heavenly places


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