I Wait

I am currently taking a creative writing class as a fun elective. I realized that I have not written any new poetry or blogs in quite some time! It kind of stopped after I started university two years ago. Taking this creative writing class, it just struck me today how a huge part of me has been dormant and not allowed to thrive or grow since I stopped writing….and that is sad. Today I was opening up some old poetry I’ve written over the years and thought I’d start sharing a few pieces on my blog to throw in some variety and help me post more frequently. Enjoy!


I Wait

 Observing the leaves turn

and the birds fly south

children in knit scarves

I wait


Another engagement

Another wedding

Another new baby

I wait


The carpets fade

Styles morph & recycle

Seeds die & plants grow

I wait


People move on

I write a few new songs

Paint a fresh canvas

the acrylics dry

I wait


My body makes slight changes

I exercise a bit more

Understanding grows

I know so little

I wait


Waiting for a dream or two

waiting for a family, sure

but mostly,

I wait on You


You said if I wait on You

I’ll see my strength renewed

I’ll be caught up on your wings and soar

There’s much to see

from your eternal view

I wait


I trust Your words

resting quietly in the reassurance

that You cannot lie and are only faithful

I wait

In contentment, quiet, and patient trust

Drowning in the love of Your eyes

fixed on mine

I wait


by Emma Doyle

Sept 2, 2014

One thought on “I Wait

  1. Your poem is beautiful.

    He cannot lie. What marvellous patience and character he works in those who take Him at His word.

    In contentment, quiet and patient trust…

    I am humbled and inspired by your patience, faith, steadfastness and devotion.

    You wrote this 6 years ago. What would it sound like now?

    Do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.

    You are like the rock that you found, I think you said something like “it got stuck in a special place”.
    And look at it now.
    You got stuck in a special place, and you waited there, waiting on Him, and as you waited, He sculpted and shaped something balanced and perfect, that only He could sculpt, only while you learned to wait on Him.


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