Dignity & Strength

Dignity & Strength

By Emma Doyle


She is clothed with dignity and strength

She can laugh without fear at the days to come.

Nobility is her inheritance, grace is her portion

A woman who speaks truth and sings freedom


The waters of her soul run deep

Unknown depths of love and mystery beckon

Her eyes transfixed, the final treasure

None can know the thoughts that hold her

So many voices, the countermeasure


Toxic and subtle, they speak in songs

Resisting the muddle and poison

She gazes ahead and persistently longs

For days of sun and an arm around her, strong


It’s the strength of others she draws on

The wisdom of weathered soldiers, they know

How to protect and fight for the prize

Matters of the heart, such progress is slow


When fall winds seek to bite and rattle

She wraps her cloak of dignity tighter

The peaceful warmth of her head covering

Protects her whole body from wavering

Everything in her knows she’s a fighter

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